Emerging Church

Christian Without Adjectives – Labels and The Ex-Reverend

Labels. I recall strolling the streets of Barcelona with a group of pastors. One member of our group and I were locked into a conversation about labels. One aspect of our gathering was to talk about the idea of “multi-affinity” churches. In some sense, those churches who may be … Continue reading

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Fear the McLaren – Could there be something good?

Recently I ventured to the great northwest part of our state to participate in a one day conference. During the conversations about what it means for the church to be “for the world” a panel discussion broke out. Two SEBTS seminary professors, a state Executive Director and a Director … Continue reading

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Mark Sayers on “mini-movements”

Streams. Lakes. Now “mini-movements.” Here Mark Sayers connects the “mini-movements” of Protestantism with the emerging “mini-movements” in the “Emerging Missional Church.” Phyllis Tickle noted that one of the consequences of the Reformation was that we became “pathologically divisive.” What do you think?… Continue reading

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Emerging – Adjective or Verb (Reflection on Albuquerque Pt 2)

In something of a “let’s see where our opposition comes from” move, denominations have been fearing the “emerging church” and yet have a hard time identifying it. That may be due to the fact it is more a verb than an adjective. Consider.

ist2_606279_statistics_3Ed Stetzer offered research on the … Continue reading

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The Wind of Our Own Making – Reflections Part 1

(Last week I attended “The Emerging Church: Conversations, Convergence and Action” sponsored by the Center of Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, N.M. More than 900 people representing different Christian denominations from the United States and around the world gathered to consider what is emerging in/for/to/through the Church. My best Continue reading

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