Pandemics, History, Environment, Myths and More: A Conversation with Brad Raley

Every day we are being watched by the ghosts of history past. The hosts of Ryan and Philip’s Conversation Rules have a segment on their podcast; History Has Its Eyes On You. No matter the subject of each episode, they point up the value of knowing how it relates … Continue reading

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No Better Time for Public Theology: An Interview with Kyle A. Roberts

Many would have us believe talk about God is in decline. Hardly. The election of President Trump and his highly visible group of Faith-Based Advisors spurred Pastor Robert Jeffress to consider President Trump the most Faith Friendly President¬†Ever.… Continue reading

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Which way is the Global Climate going?

There is litle doubt the interest in “global warming” stirred many to reconsider issues of “creation care.” More and more what we seem to be finding out is that we are not as smart as we think. In one more turn in the tale of human hubris it may … Continue reading

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