Evette Burris

April Fool – Valleys and Hope . . . Thanks Lyle

I missed a few days. Every time I applied the sense of a “legalist” to my hope of posting something from Lyle’s blog every day, I went back and read one of his about busyness. For now, this is my last post in the series remembering Lyle, for now. I intentionally wanted to make it to April. The post I reference will make that clear.

About ten years ago I heard an African-American pastor preach a message where he emphasized the “to” in a phrase from Scriptures. I admit, he got more out of that “to” than I have ever heard anyone before. The phrase he referenced was, “from strength to strength.”

Taken from a passage encouraging people to see the “valley” as a place we move from “strength to strength.” In a couple of weeks I will be speaking to a group of social workers about teenage depression and suicide. As I have been planning for that talk I could not help but think of this post. No, Lyle was not depressed. But, events could well be seen as depressing.

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Lyle’s Wonder

Trees are budding. Lyle was looking toward retirement from the Fire Department. One of his plans was to work the “tree farm” with CB, his Dad.

I am sure at some point he may have built another house, or two. But, he was looking forward to planting trees and being outdoors. That he would get to work with his Dad was surely a plus.

I ran across a post on the lack of “wonder” in our lives. Lyle refers to a quote by Jewish Philosopher Abraham Heschel he found in the Daily Dig, an online devotional some of us read before it became unavailable. He quoted Heschel,

What we lack is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder.

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Lyle Tagged Evette . . . or Maybe Evette Tagged Lyle

Saturdays. I wondered today what would Lyle be doing the first Saturday of March. If he were not at the fire station he may have planned for folks to come watch the Bedlam game this afternoon. I confess, he would be sorely disappointed in the Sooners’ season but would certainly be thinking better days lie ahead.

It is a “First Monday” weekend. Maybe he and Evette would have planned a trip to Canton. He noted in one of his last posts that he looked forward to traveling and shopping with Evette more. At the end of this post spurred by Jason, he “tagged Evette.”

The post is really a list of responses to a series of questions like “4 movies I like,” or “4 TV Shows I Watch.” Yes, it is true, Lyle got sucked into the “trainwreck,”  as he wrote about it, “Wifeswap.” It wasn’t that Lyle was interested in swapping wives with anyone. No, he just wondered how he would live if a camera were in his house 24/7. He wondered how he would portray Christ in some of the same experiences participants in the show were thrust into.

It was the “I tag Evette” at the end that got me to thinking today. In his post, he noted one of 4 favorite foods was Evette’s spaghetti. Keep in mind he listed this along with Steak at Ken’s or Primo’s and mexican food at Ted’s among other places. No small compliment to include your wife’s spaghetti in that kind of company. Read More