Not My Impersonation of Dave Wilkerson

Some may remember a comedian, a Christian, from the late 1970s and 1980s, Mike Warnke. If you missed that era here are two things to know: 1) he was a funny storyteller, and 2) we learned years later some of his stuff was made up. 

I had one … Continue reading

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A Grandparent’s Vocation – Brueggemann’s Juice of Emancipation

What is a grandparent to do? Today, many a grandparent finds themselves raising their grandchildren. In that case, a grandparent’s vocation is parental.

Others of us are just getting into the whole grandparent gig – and liking it. We joke about spoiling the grandchildren and then sending them home … Continue reading

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Is God Among Us? – Thoughts From the Edge

Five months ago I encountered a wonky podcast plugin. Looking for a solution ran into the brick wall of time. Summer came and with it other matters that rose to the top of the “To Do” list for each week.

I recently discovered a solution and am glad to … Continue reading

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