Only By Persistence and Fortitude

“How is it someone may forgive so quickly?” Considering the circumstances surrounding the events at Mother Emanuel last Wednesday evening, the questioner asks a legitimate, if not critical, question.… Continue reading

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Forgiveness Is the Key – Weekly Video with Bishop Desmond Tutu

“Love keeps no record of wrongs.” Surely the Apostle Paul gives us an ideal too great for humans to exercise. At least that is what we would think. And, many a Christian explanation seems to confirm.

We bundle a number of actions together with forgiveness making it a contingent … Continue reading

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The Rupture of Forgiveness In a World of Revenge

Today pastors will preach on the day the United States collectively remembers 9/11 ten years later. My sermon title for this morning is the title for this post, “The Rupture of Forgiveness In a World of Revenge.” I don’t often talk about preaching here. Today is different.… Continue reading

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The Genealogy of Forgiveness – Thoughts from The Edge

Who is in your family tree? When I first read the word “genealogy” in the context of philosophy it took me a bit to overcome my default understanding of the term. Nuanced rightly, genealogy simply invites the reader to look up the line be it a family tree or … Continue reading

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What Separates Pastor Jones and (Insert Your Preferred Extremist)?

My favorite op-ed columnist strikes again. Leonard Pitts Jr. weighs in on the impending bonfire in Florida. Some have “Tweeted” Pastor Terry Jones will be praying about halting the now high profile church event. Let’s just say the horse is out of the gate. Widespread reactions point to … Continue reading

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