I Did Not Preach Yesterday . . . the Congregation Did

Sermons, these days, come in a variety of forms. Many suggest there should only be one kind. Add to that the expectation that the pastor is the one doing the preaching and one may easily see how things narrow quickly. … Continue reading

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Deep Reflections

No matter how we plan for eventualities we learn that life is arbitrary. That is another way of saying that despite what we plan life does not always follow our script. What we take heart in is that amidst the arbitrariness of life, God is not. Our week began … Continue reading

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Lyle Reflects on Habits Forming Us

I would have enjoyed introducing Lyle to the writing of David Fitch. After all, he did read Mark Noll. And, if he knew that Fitch’s latest book references Noll a bit, I am certain he would be intrigued.

But, the greater teaser would be to tell Lyle that David … Continue reading

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Radical Friendship and Formation – Thoughts from the Edge

Lillian Daniel, in the February 24 edition of The Christian Century magazine, suggested the need for deep friendships in Christian spiritual formation. Her thoughts led me to reflect on the same passage for this coming Second Sunday in the Season of Lent , Mark 8:31-38. We do not really … Continue reading

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