The Disruptor for the Detestable

Last summer CNBC, a cable channel that covers the Stock Market and offers economic analysis, issued its annual Distruptor 50 list. Innovative companies believed to be changing the world make the list. These companies are considered forward thinking. One of the measures is their economic success. For instance, 31 companies in last year’s list had already passed the billion-dollar mark. Read More

Not Now But Later – Thoughts from the Edge

Sometimes good designs fall prey to unseen fault lines. We often fail to account for our own foibles and natural selfishness. When unhindered these “fault lines” unhinge very important and valuable relationships. The texts for this coming Sunday demonstrate God’s good design in creation and human relationships suffer under the weight of our whims and intention to follow our own weaknesses as though they were strengths. Take some time to listen. Engage. Leave a comment. Send an email. Let’s learn from each other as we encounter the Scriptures.

Davis Waxes on “Free Church”

Rick has moved some of his non-fiction writing to his blog Pastor’s Pal. He is writing fiction over at aintsobad. His recent post at Pastor’s Pal is no fiction and not for the faint of church polity. For those of you prone to think of freedom who also enjoy the role of pastor be careful as you read.