God Talk

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Marty Duren once told me he learned the rhythms of blogging by paying attention to site traffic. I do not always abide that advice. I tend to write when the subject comes to me. Sometimes my personal schedule means posts go live at odd times. In the event you … Continue reading

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God-talk In Conflict or, When Retrospect and Prospect Collide

Few instances offered such a poignant illustration of God-talk at odds in a local Christian community of faith. The pastor listened intently at the way theology was unwittingly being discussed in terms of retrospect and prospect.

Theology done in retrospect occurs when we assign meaning to a series of … Continue reading

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Stanley Fish Reviewing and Defending

Tony Jones has pointed to a post by Stanley Fish and a follow-up by the same. The irony for some will be that Tony is pointing to Fish as Fish critics the left. I write that because it is summarily believed that Tony is a “liberal” despite the … Continue reading

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