So I Went Golfing or, Practice Is Necessary

Blogging often reflects life. The ebbs and flows of consistent writing tend to depend on the schedule. Some weeks there is ample time to craft a post. Other weeks it seems a post is a passing thought.


Last week I found myself in Orlando. Some friends invited me along on a golf trip. Who could say no to golf in Florida when the wind chill at home is one notch above miserable? Not me.


Over the course of three days I played more rounds of golf than I did all of last year. And it showed. Here are some things I learned.


  1. Your average only counts if you play with regularity. When I shared what I normally shot for a round of golf, which was when I was playing with regularity, I had visions of greatness. Less than five rounds a year does not make for regular golf. Needless to say I did not come close to what I “normally” posted for a round of golf.
  2. Memory is relative. If there are no recent memories, we depend on older memories. So to say that I remember playing well refers to old memories, not recent ones.
  3. One must choose to be lackluster or work to restore the luster that lacks. Reflecting on the venture I could not help but tell myself, “This year you will either play more or sell your clubs.” The point is that if practice is not important then frustration must go by the way and a new vision for the sport must emerge.
  4. Every part of the game requires attention. It is not enough to wear yourself out on the driving range if you are not willing to do the hard work on the practice green. Five putting a green for double-bogey sure cheats a chance at eagle.


It is likely that I will not reach the goal of better play unless I practice. Only could Chevy Chase visualize his way into a better score.

Here is to hoping that when it comes to getting some thoughts down in digital format that I get more done than I did on the golf course. It will require,


  1. Practice. Write more by writing when the thought strikes rather than put it off until a more convenient time. I have a post in my head about miracles, Hume, and N.T. Wright. There is also one on marriage as a Master Signifier in the recent marriage equality debates.
  2. Memory. There were days when a good piece generated a bit of traffic and conversation. Since I tend to be a verbal processor I count on comments to press my musings along. Without much to read those days of high traffic counts are past memories. It is time to create some new memories.
  3. Luster. More posts not less. Part of my issue is that I am writing a couple of other pieces every week. I have a column in our local newspaper and I write a weekly for our church email list. Some weeks that takes up disposable time. However, there are some ways to include my varied reading habits into other posts.
  4. Attention. I have not had time to take a look at the new framework for the blog. I use Headway Themes and a new release promises greater flexibility. I will be looking for an occasion and time to come up with a logo as well as tweak the appearance.

Here’s to better play ahead.

Friends and Best Friend

It is not that there is not anything to say here on the blog. But, the time to sit down and put it together has been scarce this week. Last week Chas called. We met many moons ago. We played optimist basketball together. We played little league baseball too. Later we played church league basketball in high school. We have known each other for a while.

‘Let’s play a round of golf.” My golf clubs have seen limited action for about the last five years. I think I went at least two years without a single round. Tuesday we played what I think would be my fourth round of golf this year. Needless to say it was more fun enjoying the weather and catching up than reveling in low numbers.

Chas called Joe and that made three high school friends and graduates roaming Rose Creek Golf Course. We had fun. I noted on Facebook that it had dawned on me we had not hung out in more than thirty years except for reunions. Quite the shame. We are hoping to rectify the drought.

Times change. Lives change. But, it is always fun to reconnect with old friends. Read More

Another Diagnosis Please Dr. O

Here we go again. No not another knee. This is the first. In January of 2003 I woke from a Sunday afternoon nap with paralyzing pain in my neck and shoulders. After a few days I attempted playing basketball with my normal gang on Friday mornings. Not the best idea. I could not grip with my left hand.

Dr. O’Brien is part of our morning crew. I told him of my symptoms. He suggested I see him that morning. An x-ray revealed a damaged cervical disc. March 1 of that year I underwent a cervical fusion with success thanks to Dr. Smith. The pain was gone. Three months later I was back to playing basketball and golf.

Several months ago my right knee began bothering me. It hurt whether playing basketball or not. So, I played. After Christmas it got worse. Rest did not help. I contacted Dr. O’Brien again. An x-ray and then an MRI. I sat in his office on Wednesday afternoon to hear the news. “You have a big tear in your medial meniscus. I can scope it and fix it.” I expected as much. I did not expect what came next. Read More