Guest Post at The Upstream Collective – What Is the Gospel?

My friends over at The Upstream Collective invited me to offer some guest posts every now and then. A new series on “Cultural Translation” has begun and I offer some thoughts on “What is the Gospel?” The post will go live on Wednesday, if not sooner. It is Continue reading

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Compared to What? – Thoughts from The Edge

In this week’s edition of Thoughts from the Edge, I offer some thoughts on a recent rant by Michael Spencer, a.k.a. internetmonk. You can read the post here. I find a place to tie in a reflection on the Gospel text for this coming Sunday found in … Continue reading

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Bridge to Nowhere

I first heard about the Choluteca River bridge listening to Brian McLaren talk about evangelism at the National Pastor’s Convention in San Diego a number of years ago. It was the first NPC. Listen to the story. You can get permission to use the photo at offthemap.com or hereContinue reading

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