Happy Three Months Max!

Time got away. Yesterday Max turned 3-Months old. Here is the little-not-so-little guy hanging out on the porch with Grammy a couple of weeks ago. There are several pictures on the inter webs of Max on his three-month day. I may get to Skype with Max this evening. Enjoy.  Read More

Friday Photo – Looking At You (Max) and Looking Ahead (Cohen)

What did grandparents do before camera phones? I am glad we don’t have to find out. Yesterday Tommie sent a photo of Max. I would have preferred to take the picture myself which would mean I would have been there to compete with Grammy for some Max time. There is always today.

Last Friday Cohen enjoyed a ride in his wagon at Grandpa Doc and Grammy’s. Read More

Friday Photo – Luke (Hogan) Skywalker and Master (Cohen) Yoda

For weeks, if not longer, Kimberly and Patty thought carefully about how to dress up Cohen for our annual Fall Festival. There was talk about a character from Harry Potter. Then there was the idea of a super-hero. Then it clicked. Hogan was going to dress as Luke Skywalker and wondered if Cohen would be Yoda.

Over the following weeks the costume was readied. We knew our little Master Yoda may not take to kindly to the costume party. But, he will learn along the way to humor his grandparents and parents.

By the time we got to this photo op, Master Yoda is clearly intimating the need to get out of the garb. But, thanks to a patient Luke Skywalker, we were able to get the two of them together one more time that evening.

Enjoy. We do!

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Wide Eyes and Heading South – Friday Photo(s)

Last month we announced our second grandchild would be a boy, Max. Jason and Tommie had a “Reveal Party” for some of their friends. We tagged along. And, Cohen certainly did not want to miss out on the grand announcement. Grammy was holding him when I snapped this shot. As we watch both of these boys, and any others who come along, there will be plenty of wide-eyed moments. Without a doubt parents and grandparents have some of their own wide-eyed encounters.

We hope that one of the experiences that capture their eyes will be the wonder of the world around them. I came home from the office yesterday and Patty was sitting on the back porch with a set of binoculars. I asked what she was watching for. She noted that for the previous hour the Monarch Butterflies were making their track south right through our back yard. She counted at least 45 in the space of an hour. We sat and watched countless others. As the sun began to set lower in the West we noticed several taking rest in our trees. Patty picked this one as her favorite.

Enjoy. We do!

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First Cold – Cohen Under Mask

It had to happen. The allergens are everywhere. We have been listening carefully to the wheezing. His little cough, though not terrible, prompted parents and grand-parents to take notice. Then, Grammy spoke. Kimberly asked, “Mom what do you think?” “Maybe it would be good to rule out anything serious.

Today the Doctor said Cohen had a first. Not a last, but a first. His first cold. Nine months, nearly ten, and he sounds like his Grandpa Doc has felt. One treatment – the dreaded nebulizer. At first he resisted. Then he decided it might be good for him.