Friday Photo – In the Contrails

The heat is on. Last summer we endured more consecutive days over 100° than in my memory, maybe recorded history for Central Oklahoma. Not so this summer. But, we are in the days of heat advisories and it looks like we will share in 100°+ temperatures through the middle of next week. These days have me longing for the mountains, specifically Colorado.

Our recent trip over the 4th of July is still quite fresh on the mind. I remember turning north on 149 toward Creede from Southfork and watching the temperature gauge on the dash drop steadily. By the time we stopped the afternoon high was 51° and a light rain. Who in the midwest U.S. wouldn’t take those temps this afternoon?

When my friend Jordon reminds me how cold it gets in Saskatoon. I should remind him how hot it gets here. Recently he noted 28.8° C (approx.  84° F) was enough to long for other places. I imagine most who will come by the merchandise trailer in Enid this afternoon would take the temperature in Saskatoon. Read More