Henri Nouwen

Vincent van Gogh’s Rembrandt, Nouwen’s van Gogh and Carol Berry’s Gift

Twenty or so years ago I read Leonard Sweet’s soulTsunami. Tucked away in that long description of the to-come for the church and religious life was a reference to Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, The Church at Auvers. A framed print greets me every morning as I come … Continue reading

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Neurosis as a Weapon – Nouwen Monday

Many call it psychosomatic. Illnesses that reside in our psyche but manifest in an unreal need to see the doctor for a phantom pain. The failure to get these issues up and out ensures the habit of baiting and switching goes unabated.… Continue reading

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Nouwen on the Spiritual Life

The spiritual life can be lived in as many ways as there are people. What is new is that we have moved from the many things to the Kingdom of God. What is new is that we are set from from the compulsions of our world and have set

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When Your Book Goes Wrong … Life of the Beloved

Often I have thought of writing a book. I have a friend who owns a publishing company who prods me from time to time. Part of me longs for the time to give to writing. Other parts of me fear the outcome. After all, once your book is out … Continue reading

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