J.D. Greear

I Did Not Go to the Prom – Or, In Defense of J.D. Greear

(Sometimes writing is “risk-taking.” Pastors writing on sensitive subjects on the interwebs may have dire consequences when words fail to stir healthy conversation. I write this post on my website. I am expressing my convictions not those of my church. The church I pastor is comprised of people who Continue reading

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Subverting the Norm – Alternative Voices, Part the First

Speaking into echo chambers is not the purview of one group as opposed to another. Recognition of this malady is a good first step. But, until we enter another’s echo chamber ready to listen, we simply continue to draw unhelpful conclusions.

I have long believed this to be true. … Continue reading

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Keep Listening to J.D. Greear – GCR

J.D. and I met almost ten years ago – when he was about 26. If he thinks he might not be so young at 36, he sure was then! I like to think I am still young thought ten years his senior. Don’t rush it J.D.! I still recall … Continue reading

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