Jack Caputo

The Present Pregnant with the Future or, Why You Need Good Conversation Partners

A funny thing happened on the way to the sermon this past week. The discovery startled me. How was it only one commentary made the connection between the way the Sadducees tell their theoretical tale and Jesus’ response? (Luke 20) More specifically, trained in an environment where word studies … Continue reading

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Prayer in the Face of An Obscene Infinity or, No Fear When the Obscene Infinity of Love is Practiced

Recently Scott Pelley referenced the partial U.S. Government shutdown, as Groundhog Day. Shadows were long and everyone was seeing theirs, he noted. I could not help see a double entendre where the second less obvious reference was the 1993 movie starring Bill Murray. Over and again the same day … Continue reading

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The End of Contempt – Thoughts from the Edge

“To come” expresses possibility beyond possibility. I think that was the way Jack Caputo put it this past weekend at “Subverting the Norm.” (And yes, my recent series has been prompted by thinking through the presentations at Drury University.) When I read Joel 2 and Psalm … Continue reading

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