JD Greear

The Old SBC, the Age of Fear and the End of an Era?

Who knew there was another Littleton somewhere in the United States concerned about the current condition of the Southern Baptist Convention and its future? I didn’t. To say that we see things differently would not be distinctive enough.… Continue reading

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Only Everyone Else (In the SBC) Should Turn the Other Cheek

Not once when watching a cartoon bullfight did the animators expose the truth of the event. It wasn’t a fair fight. At least it wasn’t when I went to my first and only bullfight in Madrid in about 2003. Continue reading

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Greear on “Accepting Christ”

JD Greear and I met about eight years ago. As I type this, that is hard to believe. My picture of JD was like looking at myself – though he is much more handsome. He sat preparing for a meeting of the BWA General Council. He was reading Doug Continue reading

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