Friends and Jesus

I can resist no longer. My intent in posting here is not to pick a fight, or call anyone out. Instead, it is to request we think through our marquee theology. Now it would be good to know, we have a marquee sign. There are days I wished we … Continue reading

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Missing Jesus in a Heap of Trivialities

I recall reading Dallas Willard suggesting we have lost Jesus in a heap of trivialities. While we worry about what we might lose in an economic recession, government bailouts, and the election of one of the proffered candidates, we miss those Jesus loves most.

(HT: ASBO Jesus)… Continue reading

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Gift Giving

“Put yourself under the influence of Jesus, so that he may think his thoughts in your mind, do his work through your hands, for you will be all-powerful with him to strengthen you.”

from A Gift for God by Mother Teresa (quoted from A Guide to Prayer for Minsters Continue reading

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iMonk Hated by Suburban Jesus!

Uber blogger Michael Spencer, a.k.a. internetmonk, regularly sets a standard for thoughtful posts. He has done it again. Tellingly he relays the story of a young lady whose parents encourage her to give up her commitment to follow Jesus out of the States. The nexus of … Continue reading

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Flipping the subject and the object â?¦

Growing up in the church I often heard the phrase, â??apply the bible to your life.â? We even could purchase the â??Life Application Bible.â? The operative move is to study the Scriptures and apply them to life. What if we had our subject and object in the wrong place?… Continue reading

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