John the Baptist

Not Those Old Hymns!

John 1:1-18

Pastoral Prayer: Lord God, we end another year this week and a decade comes to an end. All around there are hopes for a new beginning, a fresh start. Remind us today that in the coming of Christ all things are being made new. We no longer Continue reading

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More Than Jeremaids or, John On the Edge

Cataloging your list of woes is not the same as doing something about a problem. Sometimes it seems Christians spend more time complaing about things as they are rather than taking an action to influence the world as it should become.… Continue reading

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John’s Decrease … And Our Own – An Advent Mashup for Pastors

Twenty years ago I published my first article. My mentor had a relationship with a magazine editor in charge of one of our denominational periodicals. Rick suggested to Richard that he should invite me to write a couple of articles. What to write? Then, as today, any hint of … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Head?

Barry Taylor offered a poem by Thom Sletterlee reflecting on the Lectionary text from Mark 6 for yesterday. Since our plans changed for yesterday, I offer it here today.

We told him the story as we ourselves had heard:
big party at the palace, music, wine,
Herod’s niece gets

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