Jurgen Moltmann

Souhan, Moltmann, and Theology

Jim Souhan criticizes we Okies. After reading his piece in The Oklahoman titled, Don’t Act Like Okies, Minnesota, I though of responding all schoolyard. You know, something like, “And you really think your team will ever make the postseason?” Or, “You’re just jealous.” Even, “Don’t be a hater.”

Criticism opens up a whole set of possibilities. For instance, maybe the colored logo on the shirts provided by fans needs to be larger so that Mr. Souhan is able to see the chroma color t-shirts are not really mono-chromatic.   I realize he is considering the appearance on television but most beat writers know better. Until you have been in the wildest, small-market, NBA venue in the Country it may appear all same-same. Enter the Peake and anyone there knows it is anything but same-same.

Context is everything. Souhan lives in the erudite North. Read More