Kimberly and Craig

Cohen Alan – Day 28, Finally Home

Four weeks to the day and almost to the hour, Cohen Alan left the NICU at Children’s Hospital and rode his chariot home. What a difference four weeks make. Make no mistake, he is still quite small. But 1 1/2 lbs later and passing all of his required milestones … Continue reading

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The Cohen Alan Report – Day 24

Yesterday I received this photo on my phone with the caption, “Hello G-pa Doc.” Needless to say nothing could go wrong after that!

Cohen weighs just under 3 lbs. and 11 oz. He is eating well and growing. We are not sure when he will get out of the … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – In Grammy’s Arm

Seventeen days later. Patty waited while I finished helping Dad lay tile in a bathroom. Earlier in the day she asked how long I would be. The hidden meaning was, “When will you be ready to go see Cohen?” I thought we might be finished by noon. She then … Continue reading

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“Hold Me Momma” – Cohen Alan

“Will he break?” I remember one of the nurses telling us how easy it is to fear preemies might break. She went on to suggest that they are very limber so when putting on that very little diaper one would not break his little leg. I tell you in … Continue reading

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Look Ma! Clothes – Cohen Alan

Toddler parents often talk about the difficulty keeping their little ones in clothes. We remember that but will spare our now grown daughters those embarrassing tales – if there are any to tell.

Kimberly sent me this photo taken with her cell phone, or maybe my mom’s cell phone … Continue reading

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