Kite Surfing

No Place to Play – Friday Photo

"No Place to Play" - Copyright Todd Littleton 2013

“No Place to Play” – Copyright Todd Littleton 2013

A little more than three years ago I posted this photo. The fellow in the photo would have been in this week’s Friday Photo. If there were water. After a prolonged drought there is no place to play. Hoping we receive enough water to enjoy the skill and beauty of those who don the wetsuit, grab their short boards, and hang on as the Oklahoma wind fills their kites.

Friday Photo . . . Riding the Wind

You know it is nearing Spring in Oklahoma when the wind blows. Today it is kicking up quite a stir. I am not sure if it is too windy for the folks who wind surf and kite sail out at Lake Hefner. But, if it is not, then sneak out and catch the show.

Charlie just texted me letting me know the guys are getting ready to ride the wind. I will be taking the camera up when we head out for lunch. Hope to catch some more shots of these amazing wind riders.

And, yes, I have seen Cohen this week. It was for lunch. I did not have my camera out. Yes, shame on Grandpa Doc. But, make no mistake there will be more photos of the little guy along the way. He is on the “grow.”


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Friday Photo – Surf’s Up

The wind blows in Oklahoma. However, I am in the Windy City. Natalie told us last night the name does not refer to Mother Nature but to windy politicians. If that is the case, just about every major city is “windy.”

When the wind blows at Lake Hefner it brings out the kite surfers. Carried by the wind these surfers put on quite a show.

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Friday Photo on Tuesday

We were traveling last week and did not have Internet access. Naturally that meant no Friday Photo. A couple of weeks ago Patty and I spent some time at Lake Hefner. The winds were up which meant the Kite Surfers were out taking advantage of great conditions.

I confess to thinking, “Wow, that would be quite fun.” Maybe one day I might give it a go.