Lake Hefner

No Place to Play – Friday Photo

A little more than three years ago I posted this photo. The fellow in the photo would have been in this week’s Friday Photo. If there were water. After a prolonged drought there is no place to play. Hoping we receive enough water to enjoy the skill and … Continue reading

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Friday Photo . . . Riding the Wind

You know it is nearing Spring in Oklahoma when the wind blows. Today it is kicking up quite a stir. I am not sure if it is too windy for the folks who wind surf and kite sail out at Lake Hefner. But, if it is not, then sneak … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Lighthouse on Lake Hefner

Tuesday the fog rolled in. I made a visit to the hospital and then had a lunch appointment. Lake Hefner was on the way and I was a bit early. There were a number of photo ops around the lake. … Continue reading

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