Cohen Explores the Lego Store

Suddenly things changed. I now have an understanding of, “as in the sudden-ness of child birth.” This morning just after my normal bowl of oatmeal and a banana, it hit me. Reading the paper did not help. Less than an hour later my Dad arrived to take me to the ER. Maybe it was my appendix. Or, it was a kidney stone.

We navigated rush hour traffic and arrived at the hospital just as another wave of pain grew stronger. After the normal texts for pain in the abdomen, the ER Doctor announced I would get to keep my appendix. But, I would want to get rid of the kidney stone. Now I wait.











The sudden interruptions of pain, like Cohen’s sudden drop to the floor, gave me time to work on a friend’s website and upload a video of Cohen I have had for several weeks. Watching the grandsons in videos certainly helps take the mind off the pain, even if it does little to reduce it.



Friday Photo – Getting My Leg(o)s

Cohen began to get the hang of walking right around Thanksgiving. A couple of weeks later we took a trip to the mall to snap some photos with Santa. Once he discovered his walking legs, we are finding it hard to keep up with him. Walking around the mall was a bit like ice skating in his crocheted shoes courtesy of his mother (Oikos Handmade).

After we hit a few shops the ladies were interested in, Cohen and me snuck over to the Lego Store. Oh what fun we will have. Add the soon coming Max Nolan and the three of us will have quite a time using our imaginations and those cool “blocks.”

Merry Christmas.

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