Friday Photo(s) – Cohen, The Difference a Week Makes

Last week we were still awed by the neon lights Cohen soaked up to address his high “bilirubin” count. This week the lights are gone as are the cool shades he was wearing. This week’s “Friday Photo” is a series of three. The first is under the … Continue reading

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Friday Photo (On Thursday) – Noble

Still playing around the with the new Lensbaby Composer. One evening earlier this week. I took some photos around the yard. Spurgeon was enjoying the cool grass in the shade as he watched intently for a squirrel – his yard buddies. He never catches them, but he sure gets … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Popping the Lensbaby

Patty bought me the new Lensbaby Composer for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I have been too busy to get it out and take some shots with it. But, the other day I did snap a photo of her very red Poppies blooming in one of her … Continue reading

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