Lent and Our Mind – Thoughts from the Edge

The coming week in the Christian calendar offers an illustration of dissonance. Hallelujahs ring for the One who altered the human experience of many maimed physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Jeers dominate the scene just days later. How people may hold competing beliefs about one subject, much less a person seems hard to fathom. Yet, we sometimes bear in our own bodies an illustration of that kind of dissonance. With our words we make certain claims. With our actions we evidence something opposite.

In Philippians 2, Paul offers a hymn we should not just sing but memorize. Our minds are a terrible thing to waste on inactivity in the body. So, to have the mind of Christ is not to hold one thing and do another – something of a dissonance of being. Instead, we are to hold on to our place in Christ in such a way we are willing to follow him all the way down, to the death of self and an allegiance to God expressed in trust and faithfulness.

Here are some thoughts as you anticipate Palm Sunday and Passion Week. What are your thoughts?

Lent and Our Stuff – Thoughts from the Edge

“Our stuff” may mean any number of things. In a digitally connected, highly social culture that could mean keeping track of your piece of ground in Farmville. Or, if you are into Second Life it could be managing your virtual business in a way you may earn real cash. Whatever your connectedness you likely know the work it takes to maintain a particular reputation.

If you have a website then you know what it means to work to have fresh content. After, it is content that drives readership. Years ago these sorts of things occurred in real-time, that is in the flesh. We took, and many still do, great care to preserve an image, note accomplishments and hope for shout outs. The rigor to maintain such a public persona, sometimes iconic, can be as wearisome as trying to keep it all up online.

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Lent and Community – Thoughts from the Edge

Street level theology often remarks, “God will not give us more than we can bear.” Aside from all of the accompanying issues the very statement raises, it is generally predicated on one verse, 1 Corinthians 10:13. A close read of this verse in its context reveals a community falling while standing. We personalize this verse viewing it as a pocket promise for feeling the weight of life’s stresses. The intent is to address a people facing temptation realize the need for dependence on the Triune God.

One chief temptation we face is to re-calibrate the way the world works for us. We are always in need of something of a Copernican Revolution in our personal lives and the experience of our faith communities. Read More

Lent and Imitation – Thoughts from the Edge

“Never imitated. Never duplicated.” Product teasers look to point out the unique features of their item. Distinguishing one item from the other may mean the difference in being in the “black” or in the “red.” Often people think the aim is unique individuality. The problem is our “style” is often a result of a complex matrix unconsciously borrowed from others. We may highlight one aspect more than another and so bring some distinction, but really we tend to take in a host of impulses and create what we like to call our own. Read More

Lent Reflections from The Hill

Our staff at Snow Hill will offer Lent Reflections from The Hill beginning today through Good Friday. We will offer thoughts from Monday-Thursday and invite you to comment. Fridays will be a day to reflect on the entire collection of texts wherein we invite you to offer a comment in the comment section for discussion. We hope these short pieces give you an occasion to consider the story of God in Jesus, the Christ.

Brad, our Youth Minister, kicks off each week. His post will go up shortly here.