Marty Duren

Pampered Bed & Bath – A Little Ad Love

A little ad love for my friend Marty and his wife Sonya. Yesterday Sonja launched Pampered Bed & Bath. Here is how Sonya introduces her new business,

This store is a dream that has been a long time coming. My name is Sonya Duren. As the owner of

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Slavery By Any Other Name – Tragic

Over at, Marty is offering a four part series based on his interview with Pulitzer Prize winning Douglas Blackmon. He begins,

It seems fitting that this series is being launched on the holiday to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. since the primary subject

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(Not) Sponsors – Marty Duren

advertisehereAdvertisements have become one of the features of many blogs and websites. There is certainly nothing wrong with hoping to monetize one’s love for writing and engaging others thoughtfully. But, this requires a very broad and widely read website. For some of us who write as a means of … Continue reading

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Tornadoes and God or God and Tornados

Living in Tornado Alley we watch weather about as much as we watch Sooner Football. In fact if a storm blows up hours from where we live, Gary will preempt programming so the rest of the state may watch the potential calamity. We are glad for the warnings. … Continue reading

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