The Lights Are Flickering – What’s A Church to Do?

Power went out at our house Friday night. We were not alone. Thousands lost power. Some are still waiting on electric companies to turn the lights back on.

Friday afternoon we suffered another loss. The power went out. There is no more waiting for her. The power that raised … Continue reading

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Advent Is Always Implicit

Another Memorial Service today. Here in our out of the way place we remembered. Sixty-one years they shared. Their hope is always “to come” until Jesus’ Kingdom promise is fulfilled in real-time and space. But they shared glimpses. Bits of realized hope along the way. Always pointing to what … Continue reading

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Just Call Me “Jack”

“Hey Jack.” That was Uncle Stan’s patented greeting to just nearly everyone. We sat around with Aunt Kay reminiscing about Uncle Stan just one day after he failed to survive surgery early Tuesday morning. Nothing moribund when the Littleton’s get together. Well that is not really true. There are … Continue reading

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