What in the Mars Hill?

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Anyone listening to RFMH who thought, “This could never happen to me,” is ripe for the taking. I recall the episode where Driscoll was told he should look for a mentor. When … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Know My Name: An Interview with Teer Hardy

Maybe it was the spelling. One would expect that after a year the supervisor would know his name. Time to reconsider what lay ahead.… Continue reading

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Field Tripping with Robin Williams

Rick, my mentor, did not play golf. The golf course was not a place where we went to unwind, talk about things away from the confines of an office, or get lost in our surroundings. We went to the theater.… Continue reading

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Davis’ Straight Talk to Pastors and Churches

We sat in a Chili’s in south Dallas. Green at “church hunting.” Patty and me with Kimberly not a year old in tow. The “big” preacher offered us lunch. What is a poor student family to do? Eat of course. And we did.

Eventually this initial meeting led to … Continue reading

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