Toxic Christianity, Self-Consciousness and Messy Mercy : An Interview with Morgan Guyton

Summer cedar pollen may be toxic to your sinuses, at least here in Oklahoma. The condition is complicated by the south wind on which the pollen rides from Texas. Let’s leave the Texas jokes aside.… Continue reading

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Could You Be the Next Rick Geller?

Stop! Don’t Google Rick Geller just yet. Instead think about the various people you have encountered and ask yourself, “Could I risk my gut feeling on someone making different decisions than they have in the past?” “Is it possible that in this case the past performance is not an … Continue reading

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Bending, Lifting, Dying, Rising – Thoughts from the Edge

In about two months we will welcome our first grandchild. I could not help but think of this coming event as I read through the Hosea passage for this coming Sunday. It is not that I expect our grandchild to run from the “tending and lifting” offered by his … Continue reading

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Plumb Lines and Samaritans – Thoughts from the Edge

We spend a great deal of time talking about what we don’t know about. In the next room someone needs us but we are playing with words – about what we don’t know much about. Those Avett Brothers have been on my mind all week, especially their song, … Continue reading

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Tears of the Saints – Leeland and MC3 Community Center

Debbie pointed me to this song and I found a number of videos. Len Sweet pointed to this version in his sermon on the Lectionary Texts for this past week.

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