Michael Spencer

Life After Life After Death for Michael Spencer

Chaplain Mike posted Michael Spencer passed away in the presence of family and friends. I suspect his investment in the lives of young people, his interest in pointing others to a Jesus shaped Christianity, and his hospitality toward Christians in other traditions will live on.

Peace to his family.… Continue reading

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(No) Meaning

We attach meaning to events. Theists and non-theists attach meaning. We just do so in different ways. Theists insist on transcendent meaning. Non-theists contend meaning is embedded and does not have an existential thread. For the one it seems meaning may be derived outside the person. The other sees … Continue reading

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iMonk “E.F. Hutton” Weighs In on Day 1 of SBC

Quoted during the SBC Pastor’s Conference. Interviewed ad nasuem after his post on the Coming Evangelical Collapse. Michael Spencer weighs in with his usual salient points. I did not have time to throw together my thoughts. Maybe tomorrow. It is late. So, if you would like to listen to … Continue reading

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Emerging – Adjective or Verb (Reflection on Albuquerque Pt 2)

In something of a “let’s see where our opposition comes from” move, denominations have been fearing the “emerging church” and yet have a hard time identifying it. That may be due to the fact it is more a verb than an adjective. Consider.

ist2_606279_statistics_3Ed Stetzer offered research on the … Continue reading

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iMonk hosts Michael Bell on ARIS

Since his post on the Coming Evangelical Collapse, Michael Spencer turned the keyboard over to Michael Bell who in two posts offers some insight into the numbers from the recently released ARIS research.

The Coming Evangelical Collapse: A Statistical Review by Michael Bell

The Evangelical Collapse: A Statistical Analysis Continue reading

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