Mike Morrell

Controlled Debates – In Politics and Religion

I would rather take in another off-Broadway production of Les Miserables than another Presidential debate, hands down. One is excellent theater, the other not so much.

Marty Duren writes an Open Letter to the Commission On Presidential Debates. After I read it I thought of the old saying, “Show your skirt.” The euphemism is another way of saying stop hiding behind neutrality. There is no such thing. Attempts to play such a role insults our collective intelligence. Maybe that is the intention.

Then, Mike Morrell posted a link on Facebook I saw via Greg Horton describing the Leaked Documents containing the Memorandum of Agreement between the two major party candidates locking down the format and number of the debates. The piece described the agreement as creating a monopoly. Since the difference between the candidates is only slight, why exclude other voices unless we do not really want to see real differences.

I may yet return to my posture of conscientiously objecting from voting to exercise the franchise, to borrow from my friend Rick Davis. He who will be voting early and often in Texas. Read More

Quick Links – Two Perspectives on the McLaren Dust Up

This week continues to present me with less time to write than I had hoped. But, here are two more perspectives on the early response to McLaren’s new book. Funny thing is some have not read it, like me, and still form some pretty firm opinions. In the first link my friend Mike Morrell offers something of a polemic for a more charitable form of conversation where no one gets shut out.

The second link is to a post from David Fitch. I consider him a friend, though we do not know one another well. He offered an online course at Northern Seminary I participated in a couple of years ago. I may try to connect with him near Chicago in April. David perceptively draws out some points about leadership as he thinks through the issues floating around. As Bill Kinnon tweeted, David is smarter and more gracious and brings Mohler to the table.