She Does Not Just Wear the Clerical Collar: An Interview with Lori Walke

Lori walked briskly through the Rotunda. Determined to raise awareness among Oklahoma congressional representatives of the harmful effects of predatory lending, she stood out among the crowd. It was the collar. Or was it?… Continue reading

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Mentors – Get Some: 1 of 20 Looking Back, Looking Ahead – Part 1

I am no Charles Spurgeon. Were I to write something similar to his, Lectures to My Students, it would not be read widely and not reach the acclaim Otis David Fuller lauds on Spurgeon’s book full of advice and instruction.… Continue reading

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Dangers of Compartmentalized Leadership – Yes! David Fitch

I finally got around to building out another aspect of the blog here at Today marks the regular addition of an article on leadership. I have maintained the theme of my original site by designating this section, “Leading from the Edge.” Continue reading

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