Missio Dei

What is the new “chortle?” – Missional?

“Missional” is making the rounds in the interwebs in anticipation of a consensus. I suspect pulling a new word into meaning requires antagonists and allies. After all, “missional” still is adversarial to spell check! If missional emerges from the clutches of its varied uses to become a standardized … Continue reading

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Missional Thinking Meets Collaboration in Contexts

Buzzwords generally get hijacked and before you know it the word may not mean what we think it means. Missional may be just such a word. My preference is for “missio dei.” One of my good friends writes about how this descriptor fell on hard times or into “bad” … Continue reading

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Sent -Thoughts from the Edge

Discussion and debate around climate change turns on the effects these changes have on human beings and the environment itself. It is allergy season and regardless of the big changes, pollen changes everthing. We will look for allergy medicine for those watery eyes, itchy throats and runny noses. If … Continue reading

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