Friday Photo – Bridge Peace

A number of people contributed to and continue to inspire my interest in and love of photography. Spencer Burke is known for many things. Former Teaching Pastor at Mariner’s Church. Elder at Rock Harbor. Founder of Creator of Soularize Learning Party. Church planter. Author. Kindling for a host of projects. Friend. Not many know of his skill as a professional photographer. At least those who don’t know him well.

The original artwork for the book cover of Chuck Colson’s autobiography, Born Again, was based on a photo taken by Spencer. One of his recent projects is “Monotation.” Consider it iphoneography meets meditation.

One sunny October Spencer led a group of would-be photographers around an encampment offering tips taken from his time spent teaching photography in college back in the day. Some of the first photographs Spencer showed me were “graffiti” shots. Bridges. Walls. I have one of those original pieces received as a gift.

Last month while shooting around S.E. Oklahoma, Charlie and I stopped to photograph a railway bridge. Read More