Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC Part 3

I have never been to an RNC or a DNC but I have been to several Annual Meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention. I suspect the Republican and Democratic National Conventions are not too dissimilar from the SBC Annual Meeting or vice versa. In all three meetings, I am … Continue reading

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Ruled Out of Order or, A Pusillanimous SBC Part 1

We Southern Baptists really do prefer our words over our deeds. Alan Cross submitted a resolution to the Southern Baptist Convention on Holistic Ministry and Community Involvement. His third resolved read as follows,

RESOLVED, That we encourage every local church to engage the needs of their community with

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Why I Came to NOLA or, A Vote and an Action

Sixteen years ago I made my first trip to a Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. I learned I had been nominated to serve on the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance and would qualify to make my first meeting in Hong Kong about a month later. I needed … Continue reading

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