Operating Out of a Different Narrative: God and Guns with Amy Butler and Teer Hardy

Just two weeks after the Parkland School Shooting my friend Mary Duren invited four people to contribute to a discussion on the right to bear arms. The traffic on his posts was poor. It seems the news cycle had passed.  Read More

Moon Frame – Friday Photo Reflection

Everyone chooses a frame for their story. Consider it the borders that give a sense of the tapestry of experiences. Read More

Christmas As Therapy for the Church

Would Christian churches cancel services on Easter Sunday? Are you kidding? That would be akin to the United States canceling Independence Day celebrations. Question many Christians’ celebration of those two events and said group would “Occupy” in a way that would make the Arab Spring merely a blip on the radar of history. In some circles you need but question Independence Day celebrations on Sunday to experience a plague of Mosaic proportions. Just ask my “former-pastor” brother.

Yet, for at least two months, Christian churches have considered what to do about services when Christmas falls on Sunday. Ed Stetzer began crowd sourcing on his blog on October 27. “What does your church plan to do?” Research conducted by Lifeway noted that at least 90% of pastors surveyed were planning worship on Christmas Day this Sunday.

The thought of not having services on Christmas never crossed my mind. Read More

Nude Justice – Bill Kinnon Gets Naked

You must run over and read the short post at Bill exposes readers to what is often apparently missed in the clear reading of Scripture. Jesus describes the manner in which justice is expressed in the world by those who would follow his way in Matthew 25 – it is the work of the Gospel to set a sin wrecked world right. Standing to read from the Isaiah scroll in Luke 4 Jesus points to what he will do – the declaration of the Good News – set a sin wrecked world right.

Missing the connection between these two texts appears to give preference to a self-selected reading of the Scriptural narrative. An unnecessary bifurcation results. These sorts of false antithesis would be called out by some. Bill calls this adventure in missing the connection by exposing the wardrobe malfunction in our narrative reading.

Good job Bill.

Moral Authority and Our Narrative (Story)

paseotrinityWe love stories. Good stories. Personal stories. My friend and mentor, Rick Davis, is writing a series on “Moral Courage.” He writes weaving a number of narratives. Using American history, family story, and vocational experience.

The last paragraph in his fifth post in the series should spur you to go over and folloow the series.

Morality as moral assertion requires that we think about things others do not think about in ways they do not think about them, that we arrive at moral conclusions in untimely fashion, that we  correct ourselves always to the more generous and compassionate position and that we learn to make the invisible sufferer plainly visible, so that he and his oppressor might be delivered from the burden of oppression. Fully evolved, morally mature man will work as hard on his moral foresight as on his moral insight.

You can read Rick at – aintsobad. The series begins here.