Nature Photography

Spying Jokers – Friday Photo

Early mornings we often spy a rabbit exploring the yard. Last week we found her coming closer to the house investigating one of our flower beds. I grabbed the camera and hoped to get a shot. Quietly I peered around a corner and was able to snap this one. Read More

Friday Photo – Looking for a Shot

You never know where or how you will find the right spot to capture that one photograph. Maybe it is like golf. For most mid to high handicappers we may hit more poor shots than good ones. But, when we strike the ball just right and the result is more than what we normally expect we commit to another round. Not necessarily that same day. But, those are the shots we hold on to that keep us playing that silly game.

I envision photography in much the same way. We scour others’ work and wonder will we ever capture something so grand. We will know it when we see it. And then we will hope that once we have actuated the shutter what we thought we saw is what we have captured.

Charlie and I have been on a number of these adventures. We tend to see the same things differently. We like many of the same scenes and we are most critical of our own work. By no means are we professionals. Read More