New Creation

Paul’s Good News Fashion Statement

Tell me, what were your first thoughts when you saw clothes original to the 1970’s showing up for double the price paid for them originally? Honestly now. Seeing teenagers in Leisure Suits had to be unsettling. Some of you, like me, surely had nightmares!Continue reading

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(Mis)Identification – You Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker!

Listen carefully and you learn to distinguish the differing bird songs that fill the air in our backyard. Reading is occasionally interrupted by the distinct pecking sound that comes when the beak of a woodpecker raps a limb. Yesterday we were enjoying the late afternoon sun and heard just … Continue reading

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New Things – Thoughts from the Edge

We all love new things. In a few days the much hyped iPad will be available. What will Apple’s entrance into a tablet styled computer mean? No one really knows. Expectations are all over the map. Even if the iPad revolutionizes computing like the iPod did for music, it … Continue reading

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