There Is No God Party, Privilege and Justice, and More on Aintsobad

Breaking news: There is no God Party.

Despite the best attempts of the left and the right to lay claim to God, insider information reveals the intention to stay away from pure and undefiled religion. More to come.

Ahead this week

* Natalie connects justice and privilege in a way that I may just pull the lever in the Presidential Election

* Aintsobad, a.k.a. Rick Davis, raises the ante with his political interest pedigree.

It is a busy day but I am hoping to at least get these posts up this week.

Surely We Can Do Better – We Must

Quick posts are sometimes the bane of blogdom. So, I sat on this yesterday morning. I did not write before the story ran on a local television station. I wanted to hear all of the comments available.

Yesterday I received a call from a local religion news writer about an incident with our state Baptist newsletter. I was pointed to this online piece drawing attention to the matter. If you are bothered by sarcasm and pointed criticism, don’t bother to click the link. Just read on.

First,  the Baptist Messenger is generally considered a religious “newspaper.” But, I contend we have a print media outlet to let us know what is going on with the BGCO and its member churches. In that sense it is a newsletter. Sure there are editorials and reprints from other “news” outlets, but it is really a newsletter. I am good with that. Even the last Editor noted he was fine with being considered a newsletter.

Second, newsletters, like our own church’s, can be perilous. Typographical errors and poor proof reading can really send some into a tailspin, especially if the mistake derails the intent of the piece. I recall sending out a weekly email a few years ago. I begin by typing, “Hello” and the word processor grabbed the first name from the created database. Simple enough. Except on this occasion I left the “o” off of my introduction. You can imagine how quickly that was pointed out to me. I raced to make the correction and offer apologies. Some laughed. Others may not have so much.

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Where was the Samaritan?

Terry sent me this video. Looks like we are still walking on the “other” side to avoid people.