Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

College Game Day is in Norman. The hosts just donned masks and portrayed the coaches from the top 4 BCS teams. Each stated their case as to why they should make the title game. Quite premature to this Sooner fan.

Here are posts from this week you may have missed. Enjoy your Saturday.

Dwight McKissic and His Candidate of Choice – “McKissic is calling for a more robust Christian vision for all of life. Candidly Dwight locates issues of abortion, slavery, women’s suffrage, poverty, and historically oppressed people along the same plane.”

Block and Brueggemann on the Election – Block describes the way Brueggemann helped him consider Meaningless Narratives. Incidentally if you have not read Block’s book, Community: The Structure of Belonging, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Underneath the Tunic or, What do Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell Have in Common? – “Equal treatment. Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell suffered the same hammer when facing the prospects of offering a different vision for how we talk about others in relationship to our pronouncements as final. For many the hammer is the only tool in the box and everyone who disagrees, or poses a different possibility, becomes the nail. Criticism is egalitarian.”

First to Turn – Friday Photo – Fall colors emerge amidst the holdouts.

Do “Nones” Believe Church is Getting in the Way? – Must the Church be the culprit?