Qualify Your Biblical or, Chris Tilling Says “No More” to Unspecified Meaning

In my tribe, biblical nearly always refers to a way of reading and interpreting the Bible as the correct way, the Christian way. Ferreting out potential heterodoxy or slippery slopes that lead to heresy rest on the often indeterminate unbiblical, the un-Christian way. He or she who follows such patterns and tactics becomes the arbiter of both what he or she means by biblical and also the one who determines what you mean.

Chris Tilling calls for setting aside the use of biblical unless accompanied by some specificity. In his piece, Tilling references the phrase biblical Christianity. For my tribe this is a redundancy since we have been narrating our story as the denomination that has resisted any leftward drift or slide because the battle for the bible was won in the Conservative Resurgence.

The problem now arises from within our denomination that differing visions of soteriology place this posture at risk since both sides lay claim to biblical. Read More