Oscar Romero

If Only We Were Persecuted

The Duck Commander dustup inspired impassioned pleas to stand against Christian persecution. Rights became, and still are, the grounding of many arguments. But, what if the Church, and so Christians, were really persecuted. I mean to say what if our actions brought on the sort of scandal and persecution … Continue reading

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Mandela, Matthew, and What Is Getting Done or, Reading from a Different Location

I remember the shantytown. After a week of staying on the Golden Mile watching the tide come and go looking out across the Indian Ocean, walking the boardwalk between meetings, taking countless photographs, and largely sharing the experience of an American tourist, I rode north out of town with … Continue reading

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Without Great Suffering, Scot McKnight, and a Comment

Sometimes you hear something that refuses to go away. Such is the case with the words of Fr. Richard Rohr. Some friends were sharing a meal several years ago in Alberquerque, NM. During the course of dinner Fr. Rohr said, “Without great suffering there cannot be great love.” … Continue reading

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