Common In/Equality In Selma or, A Seat at the Diner But No Burger

All human beings may be created equal. Not all people experience equality. Selma reminds us that our not too distant past is littered with dubious illustrations of this common reality. Read More

The Road Between Death and Life – Photo Meditation

A young familiar face greeted me when I opened up Facebook this morning. He will never be an old friend. Cameron did not live long enough. Read More

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

Pain and Hope Captured In, A Finger Two Dots, Then Me – “We need writers who help get underneath the din of populist opinions and expose the complexity of human emotions and questions.”

The Plane of Poor Discipleship or, President Obama May Have More in Common with Christians Who Refuse Him – “One wonders how it is that President Obama can lay claim to faith in Jesus and hold his position on abortion. I wonder how it is that many Christians lay claim to faith in Jesus who by and with their words wound and murder the character and reputations of others all in the name of biblical or gospel. Maybe what we witness is the two poles on the same plane of poor discipleship in the way and manner of Jesus.”

Conservatives Need Love Too – “Maybe in our discipleship to Jesus we talk more about the way and manner of Jesus’ love such that it becomes the thing that we do when putting the hand to the plow. Rather than looking back and re-investing in the fears from which we have been freed, we move forward plowing the ground with the incomprehensible love of God that shows up in the way we live our lives with and for others.”

Prayers for Guatemala – Friday Photo – “Soon we will make plans for our March trip to Guatemala to work with local pastors. Upon hearing of the recent earthquake I have been thinking of those young men who will serve the needs of those in their areas affected. Even if the quake were miles away, there will be reminders of events like the one in this photo that unsettle residents. Peace to you friends.”

Pain and Hope Captured In A Finger, Two Dots Then Me

We need writers who help get underneath the din of populist opinions and expose the complexity of human emotions and questions. I continue to think about the way Steve McCoy grasps the function of art and passes down that appreciation to his children.  Another friend posted a link to this short film. The performance is captivating. The content is honest. Remember, the function of art is not necessarily to provide an answer but to expose the pain we often face and at the same time open up possibilities of hope. These pieces become gateways to fascinating conversations. May this start a healthy conversation with you.

What’s Up With Patty?

You never know what may cause your pain. Two weeks ago Patty had gone home for lunch. She sometimes works in a 20-minute “power nap” before heading back to work as a Dental Assistant.

Lying on the couch she felt some discomfort in her left jaw. Patty returned to work. She explained to Dr. Morgan that a spot seemed more sensitive. They took an x-ray.

Soon they had re-scheduled patients and Dr. Morgan had contacted Dr. Baker making Patty an appointment. Patty came by the office before quitting time which is not normal. She told me we needed to make an appointment to see about the pain in her jaw.

We knew Dr. Baker. He performed oral surgery on both Kimberly and Tommie removing their wisdom teeth. He looked at the x-rays and immediately said he would need to do a biopsy.

The following Wednesday afternoon a biopsy was performed. Read More