The Bookkeepers Will Always Be With You . . . But They Don’t Have to Be

Often I take a manuscript into the pulpit. The preached sermon will vary. Below the post will be a link to the preached sermon.

Luke 15:1-3, 25-30

Pastoral Prayer: Holy One, we find it hard to believe you will erase for us what we will not erase for others. Continue reading

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Coffee with Jesus – A Second Shot

Jesus often gets a bad rap. He is portrayed as too nice. Call it a sentimental view of Jesus aided by paintings and artwork that seem to domesticate the revolutionary message he heralded.… Continue reading

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Modern Parables – Peter Rollins and “Being the Resurrection”

“You will speak in parables.” George H. Martin likens the manner given Isaiah to speak in Isaiah 6 to parables. He notes,

“How strange is that? Imagine telling teachers to teach so that children all fail, or imagine a world where we expect traffic cops to create congestion and

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Parables to Make You Go, “Hmmmmm” – Peter Rollins’ new book

I have offered a few posts on Peter Rollins and his two books, How (Not) to Speak of God and The Fidelity of Betrayal. Over the past couple of months I have offered a few videos of him reading a few of the parables to be found in … Continue reading

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Stetzer Calls On Baptists to “Get Out More” … Gives Draper the Keyboard

Maybe some will listen. In Southern Baptist life there is likely not a more high profile personality that “gets around” than Ed Stetzer. Sometimes the name dropping is over the top, but underneath it all is a model for “getting out more.” Follow Ed on Twitter … Continue reading

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