Man-Crushing Tuesday or, When Jason Micheli and Teer Hardy Flip the Script on Me

One of these days I will interview my daughters for the pathological podcast. What would garner more listens than to hear two PK’s talk about life in the fishbowl? Read More

Back in …

After a trip to Claremont for Theology After Google and a short “anniversary” trip to St. Petersburg, Fl, there are some posts ginning in my head. They may make their way out soon. Among them several book reviews – After You Believe (Wright), Linchpin (Godin), and Transforming Christian Theology (Clayton).

Where Have You Been?

Writing has been sparse for the past couple of weeks. Quite a few events kept me busy as I prepared to be away on vacation last week. Snow Hill honored Patty and me with an anniversary gift celebrating our 15 years serving with the great people at Snow Hill Baptist Church. We spent a week visiting a few places in Alaska and Canada. After a couple of days at an event hosted by my friend Derrick called The Preaching Experience with special guest Michael Card,  I hope to return to some writing. I finished reading Jane Goodall’s Reason for Hope and am well into Ron Sider’s, Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.

Thank You

I posted this over at our church website. I thought I would re-post here.

July 13, 2009

Thank You, You Preached Well

Fifteen years ago, July 18, Patty, me, and the girls began our journey as the “Pastor’s Family” at Snow Hill. My pastor growing up, Brother Justice, eschewed surprises. He liked to know what was coming and going on. My mentor, Dr. Rick Davis, taught that it was a good idea to keep abreast of things. Surprises can sometimes go south on you. Not so here.

Yesterday, you surprised us. The ploy was not to cover an unprepared pastor. Instead, you preached the message. While many of the words spoken directed attention to some aspect of our time at Snow Hill, the underlying theme for me was the kind of relationship the Apostle Paul described in a number of places in the Scriptures – a loving, growing, mutual relationship of integrity and respect founded on the response to the love of God in Jesus, the Christ and the activity of the Spirit in the life of the Church.

Patty and I will look forward to our trip. The time away will be fun. New places are always intriguing and exciting. We are different because of our time together and the love we share with you.

Thank you Snow Hill.
We still thank God for allowing us to serve with you in the greatest church in the Country.

Pastor Todd and Patty

Unplugged, Plugged In

Last week I headed to camp with our youth. We enjoyed a good week, great kids, and outstanding cooks. Our camp pastor was likely the best camp pastor of any camp I ever attended. That includes about 30 years of going to camp as either a youth or sponsor.

Needless to say we were unplugged for the week and it was nice.

I will play “cathch up” this week before a week of vacation with the family. I have a couple of videos to point to, at least one Friday Photo, and maybe a post, or two or ten. Who knows?