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The Great Divorce: The Church and the GOP

After a long, frustrating courtship with the GOP, Richard Land, then President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention declared, ”The go-along, get-along strategy is dead. ‘No more engagement. We [conservative Christians] want a wedding ring, we want a ceremony, we want a consummation of the marriage.” That was 1998.

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Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Christian Identity

Recently Pew Research pointed to an increase of the “Nones.” Those who, when queried, noted no religious affiliation. The response to the news seems to be varied. Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research, often looks for both the concern and the possibility when referencing Lifeway Research findings, or reports from other research groups. He weighed in on the Pew Research report here. He concludes his reflections,

So, as society moves away from Christian identification, let’s meet them on the road and say, “We did not believe in that expression of Christianity anyway. Let me tell you about Jesus and how he changes everything.”

Stetzer believes the current religious climate allows Christians the opportunity to address the matter of Christian identity. Ed picks a theme that for some is packed into the descriptor post-Christendom. You may quibble with the definition or description of Christian identity that Ed would put forward, but that he recognizes the issue turns on, “What is a Christian,” puts him in interesting company. Read More