My Post Is Up @powerintheblog: Facebook Not A Happy Medium After Recent Tragedies – 10 Tips For More Productive Conversations (Todd Littleton)

If the events of last week did not stir some emotion deep within you, then maybe you should Google #AltonSterling, #PhilandoCastile or Five Police Officers Killed in Dallas to find out what happened. Should it be news that failed to touch you, it might be better to move on … Continue reading

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On Religion – Thanks David

“What do I love when I love God?” And with that, I will be interested in moving past the first page of John D. Caputo’s, On Religion. Caputo reminds the reader this was one of the “big” questions for Augustine in the Confessions. Thanks to David who … Continue reading

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Fitch Says No to Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Yes to Zizek’s Metaphor

David Fitch offers an intriguing analysis of Evangelicalism, and in particular its Western Expressions. Tipping his hand at his forthcoming book, David really gives readers something to chew on. I have been waiting on Fitch to go all Zizek in his analysis of the church ever since he … Continue reading

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