Shrinking Women – Poetry as Prophetic Challenge to Systems

Emphasis on high individualism/low community keeps an alertness to interconnectedness at bay. That was at least one of the implications I intended in yesterday’s post. When conversations about social or structural change take place under the rubric of high individualism/low community, the means to explore interconnectedness … Continue reading

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Typography with Taylor Mali

A great video project using the poetry of Taylor Mali. Put together by Ronnie Bruce.
[vimeo 3829682] … Continue reading

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Broken Poetry

We did it. That’s right, fearful of how we may contribute to the spread of H1N1 we shut down our water fountains at Snow Hill. A water cooler stands in front of the pair in our foyer. Paper cups sit atop the enlarged water container. One large bottle of … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Head?

Barry Taylor offered a poem by Thom Sletterlee reflecting on the Lectionary text from Mark 6 for yesterday. Since our plans changed for yesterday, I offer it here today.

We told him the story as we ourselves had heard:
big party at the palace, music, wine,
Herod’s niece gets

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Kester Brewin Waxes Poetic on Descartes

Kester Brewin‘s blog went dark after he finished his book Signs of Emergence. Really, it went dark after the book had been out in the UK and in the US for a bit. Recently he began writing and putting his stuff out there again. I saw this Continue reading

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