No Sibling Rivalry Here – Thoughts from the Edge

What if we understood the story of Mary and Martha as “not a sibling rivalry?” It really does seem to be a bit disingenuous to the flow of Luke’s telling of the story of Jesus. Unless of course you see Luke as doing nothing more than cobbling some pericopes together inattentive to the flow of his own narrative.

No. No sibling rivalry here. We would see the attempt to draw Jesus into the fray and he, as usual declines. Instead Jesus points to Mary’s posture of choosing an attentiveness to Jesus words. The contrast is not between those who serve and those who are more devotional or reflective. It seems the real issue lies in attentiveness when tempted to distraction.

Is it possible inherent in this story is the kernel in each of the texts that suggests when given to distraction someone suffers? Read More