Over Scripture or Under Scripture – Lyle Says Under

For those of us who follow Jesus, we look to the Scriptures. We Baptist Christians often refer to ourselves as “people of the Book.” That might be true if our lives looked more like Jesus. But, since we often race to the Scripture in order to be “over” someone else we too take a position “over” the Scripture.

Lyle contends in a blog post titled, “How do we know what we know?,” that we should find ourselves under Scripture. Thinking about how we learn, he hoped that some with whom he had an affinity would help understanding any gaps in what he knows should he find something out of step with Jesus. He wrote,

So I am trying to look at things I believe and make sure they are consistent with Scripture, the world and my own life, if not then maybe some of my ideological soul mates will have some correct doctrine that I can believe.

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